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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Story of great devotee Udasi Baba

In India there are innumerable number of Sants, Mahatma, Sadhu born and contributed to the entire world their good thoughts and works. In Shingnapur village, Udasi Baba was the great devotee of God shani dev. He was the person who started puja, abhiskekh, etc. of shanidev in Shingnapur Village. The Samadhi of udasi maharaj is situated opposite to Shri laxmi mandir.Udasi baba spent his whole life in the service of God shani dev and his devotees. And when he was 87 years old, he left this world and got Mukti. The life story of Udasi maharaj is interesting.

One Sanyasi was suffering from disease due to the wrath or curse of shanidev.So, he came to Shingnapur village from Bode Goan village as bala sanyasi. In those days there was no one to perform any pooja, abhishekh, archana and prayers to shanidev completely. In the early morning, he used to bring water of Panasa nala or well nearby the shani’s platform for clean the idol, Get flowers and fruits from nearby forest, etc. After collecting all the puja material, he performed puja with all ritual. After that, he used to go round the Shingnapur village for propagate Shani dev Mahima to the people. In the evening after returning to village he would again perform pooja, archana, and just nearby the shanidev’s platform to sleep. This was the daily routine work of Sanyasi. His routine work was going on, in this way his disease was cured without any other medicine or by a medical attendant. All this was happen with grace of shani dev.

After a very long time, sanyasi felt to return back to his own village Bode Goan. When he was preparing to go back, all the villagers requested him not to live. Hearing their request, Sanyasi was in dilemma. He prayed to shani dev that show me the proper way & he went to sleep. In the early morning God shanidev appeared before him in dreams and said,” hay sanyasi, I am so happy because of your service to me & my devotees. So you don’t go anywhere and continue your pooja & propagate my mahima in the surrounding villages of Shingnapur. I will grace you mukti in the end.” and thereafter Bhagawan Shani Dev disappeared.

After that Sanyasi decided that he will not go anywhere. He stayed Shingnapur village & will give service to Shanidev & his devotees. Everyday he used to perform pooja, Archana & tour to all nearby villages for propagate of shanidev mahima. Like this time passed on. Now he became famous for his devoted of shanidev. People donated thing for his comfort but he never accept much more except basic needs. In his whole life, he never built house for himself & nor did he keep any kind of property.

He was not having any ambition in his life except service of shanidev. That’s why people called him “Udasi Baba” or “Udasi Maharaj.” As a respect people also called him “Pujari Baba” or “Swamiji”. When he was 87 years old, he left this world and got Mukti. He was very good man. He gave his entire life in the service of shanidev & his devotees. In the premises of Shingnapur village & nearby village people have respect, love and bhakthi toward Udasi Baba. In the respect of udasi Baba People built his Samadhi opposite to shanidev platform.

Today also people follow ritual of performing puja of shani dev which was started by Udasi Baba. Only men can perform the puja but after pure bath & with wet cloth. Women are not allowed to this ritual. They can take darshan below the shani’s platform.


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