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Sunday, October 5, 2008

“Mahima Shani dev Ki” TV Serial

Mahima Shani dev ki

On 26th July 2008 one serial has launched on NDTV Imagine channel. The name of this serial is “Mahima shanidev ki”. This serial is based on God Shanidev & produced by Sagar art. The aim of serial is to bring to light the greatness of God Shanidev. The serial timing is 8.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In this serial, Daya Shanker Pandey is playing the role of Shanidev,Saumik Rao as King Vikramaditya & Namrata Thapa as Queen Madenlekha (wife of Vikramaditya).

In our society, people believed that Shanidev gives trouble to us so they fear from God Shani Dev. The main objective of this show is to remove this negativity and superstition.Through the help of this TV serial, we can understand that Lord Shani dev is God of truth and always help those people who follow path of truth in life and punishes those people who use wrong methods to gain success.

This serial will give all inside information of Shanidev and will remove all the myths about the Shani dev. The starting story of “Mahima shanidev ki” is about King Vikramaditya and his life.
The new timing of "Mahima shanidev ki" Tv serial is 8.30pm to 9.00pm on each friday, saturday and sunday

Mahima Shani Dev Ki

Saumik Rao as King Vikramaditya

Namrata Thapa as Queen Madenlekha

King Vikramaditya with Queen Madenlekha

Haria Kaka with Shanidev

King Vikramaditya as Justice

Queen Madenlekha Praying to Shani dev

King Vikramaditya with Madenlekha


Laxmikant jangid said...

very good programe & i like it..

u know ... this programe has learnt me a lot

Sweety said...

I like this program very much and now i'm a follower of shani dev.... all the myths in my mind has been cleared now.....feeling happiness in my heart thanks to program organisers....

Unknown said...

I like very much this programme.

Unknown said...

I like very much this programme.