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Monday, September 8, 2008

Who is Shani Dev ?

There are many gods in our Hindu religion but lord Shani dev is different from them. He has immense power, appeased toward off, evil eye etc. Saturday is the day which is devoted to Lord Shani Dev. Traditionally God Shani Dev is depicted in Hindu mythology as extremely dark wearing black clothes and mounted on a vulture. The basic mantra of Shani dev is “Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah.”

Lord Shani Dev who is the son of Surya Dev (Sun) and Chhaya (Suvarna) is also known as one of the nine “Navagraha” by Hindu belief. Lord Shani Dev have a seventh place among these nine planets which govern our lives. Another name of Shani dev is Shanaiscarya, Asita, Saptarchi, Kruralochana, Pangu, etc. The birth place of Lord Shani Dev is Saurashtra, Gujarat. Hindu people believe that he is the god causing miseries in the life of a human being. So, Lord Shani Dev occupies the principal position among the Hindu’s God.

Lord Shani Dev is the brother of Yama Dev (deity of death) and is believed to be responsible for punishing or rewarding to the people one in the lifetime in accordance with their 'karma'. He has also a power of making a king into a pauper as well as changing the fortunes of a sufferer. Shani Dev is a great devotee of Lord Shiva because Lord Shiva is Guru of Shani Dev and hence those who wish to appease him pray to Lord Shiva along with him.

There are few shrines in India of shani Dev. The most important ones is in Maharashtra at Shingnapur which is famous with named Shani-Shingnapur, another is Shree Sahneeshwarar at Nerul Mumbai, and Shanidham at Mehrauli Delhi, etc.
In Vedic astrology, it is believed that if Shani is placed in a favorable position for you, no one can bestow more wealth and success than Lord Shani.


Prateek said...

Very informative blog, but why are you calling it "as per Hindu Mythology" and not "as per Hindu Scriptures"? We are negating and deriding our own Dharm by calling our holy Scriptures and Philosophy as Mythology (collection of myths). If you think Shani Dev ji is a myth, then you are correct in calling it Mythology my brother.

Nagesh.MVS said...

Power of "Hindu Mythology" is different from the "Hindu Scriptures".
Any how nice post.

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