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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first day with God Shani Dev

This is great day in my life. Today I started to write my expression on Hindu Lord Shani Dev. My feeling and my patriotic toward God Shani Dev was nothing in the starting day but when I promised to write every day 1 page on this great hindu god I fully fall in the love of lord shani.Now writing one page on shani dev is my daily routine. It not a task for me it was became my hobby and I am getting enjoy in this great work.


MANISH said...

Thanks for a great blog created by you, May GOD Shani Dev Bless You Very Much for this effort!!

Unknown said...

Hi Brother,
I was looking for songs from "Mahima Shani Dev Ki" which is being broadcasted on NDTV imagine. I was very happy when i saw your blog. We too are devotees of our God Shanidev Ji.
I want to thank, congratulate you on this great thing. May god bless you & all those who recite his name.

Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah

Prasun Kulshrestha said...

Hello Mr. Brijesh, May lord shani help you & bless you. I am pleased to see your blog. You are doing fantastic work.

Amit Gandhi said...