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Monday, May 14, 2012

Devotees experience in Shani Shingnapur village

Dear Friends,

I received below written experience from Devotee of Shani dev about his experience in Shani Shingnapur village. Though, it was bad experience by Mr. Kinjal in Shani Shingnapur place but it’s true. Shop Keepers and Taxi Drivers are on the same boat.

Kinal–  Experience in Shani Shingnapur.

Hi Braj,

I have some experience, which is really defying the faith imposed by thousands on god. My story is that while reaching Shani Shingnapur, the driver takes entire amount, i.e. (100 for each person) from Shirdi. After reaching, they show that it is mandatory to wear dhoti and take oil for men, even for entering in the temple (which is totally false). We ignored their requirement and went ahead with Darshan. Upon returning, suddenly a person crops up and orders me to get down from the car.

He was insisting me to leave the car, claiming to be the owner of the car. I told him, return my fare, i will move out, but he said that this is my car and i won't take you. You will have to speak to driver and as this is my car, i won't allow you to go in this car. The driver being also in hand and glove said that i have already paid for fueling diesel and i can not give it back.

After that guy started getting physical but i was adamant that return my fare and I will be happy to leave. After half an hour of fighting and me being adamant, the driver paid back my return fare and i left. Then, i was looking out for other taxi and found a ST bus in the depot to Shirdi. I hoped in the bus and it was good and comfortable ride, rather than squeezed in Scorpio. Thanks to god for this at least.

But, this incident really started questioning the faith of devotees, as there is no need to loot the natives and they can easily loot the devotees. May be this is the reason, when they do not need to have a door at home. It is really shameful act.

They are so shameless that they do not even care of women and children, they just think of money and nothing else. On one hand we publicize about Athiti Devo Bhava, but i think first it is necessary to protect our fellow Indians themselves before even thinking of foreigners. These types of incidents are generally common in all holy places in Maharashtra, be it Shingnapur or Asthavinayak.

Hope god is looking at all this; in fact these were my prayers after going so far, which is indeed very sad. Friends, all should come together and take this issue with the higher authorities and to take actions against them.

Hi Kinjal, Thanks to share your experience.

Friends, I request you to send me your experiences so visitors will be aware about the behaviour of taxi derivers and shop keepers. You can write me on . Thanks!

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